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BIK boosts your online traffic,
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Target. Broadcast. Convert. Repeat.

Segment - Smartly
Our smart cohorting platform understands the behavior and intent of your customers and segments them based on their activity on your website.
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Whatsapp messages have 98% open rate, let’s extract its full potential.

Zero onboarding fee
No subscription fees. Pay only for the broadcasts you send. Pay as you use.
Drive 37% more revenue
Keep your customers engaged, trigger them with pre-approved templates, and see your revenue boost.
Get the green tick
We help you become an exclusively verified business on Whatsapp, get more credibility & increase your conversions.
Maximum ROI
Maximum returns on your marketing spends. Keep a track of how much you spend and convert.
WhatsApp Strategy Manager
Our experts will help you strategies your growth journey with WhatsApp Marketing.
Acquire 40% more leads
Use the simplest and most effective way to collect leads & generate sales, i.e., Click to WhatsApp Ads.

There’s Word About Us all Around

Reviewer Img
We got to use Bikayi’s WhatsApp Marketing test drive, and we are still surprised how WhatsApp could help us drive such conversions and revenue. Kudos to the conversational and retention strategies.
Mahima Madnani
Marketing Head
Women’s Fashion Retail Chain, India
Reviewer Img
We had a database of 20,000 customers but we had no idea we could use this data to drive sales. With Bikayi’s WhatsApp Marketing, we got 60% response rate and more than 45% conversions already! Quite the sweet spot it is!
Jane Miller
D2C Cosmetic Brand, USA
Reviewer Img
While using Bikayi’s Marketing the best thing I found were the pre-made templates. I could simply select a target audience & choose the templates which are automatically personalized & drive more responses.
Rohan Ray
Sales Lead
B2B Electronics Store, South Africa
Reviewer Img
I am someone who believes in word of mouth and traditional marketing where you talk directly to the customer. And with Bikayi’s WhatsApp Marketing, I could feel that connect with the customers.
Simran Singh
D2C Cookies Brand, India

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Asked Questions

What is BIK’s WhatsApp Marketing? Why do I need it?
BIK is a WhatsApp Marketing platform that enables you to engage with your customers & target them on WhatsApp to increase sales by driving more traffic to your stores & increasing retention
What is the eligibility criteria for using BIK’s WhatsApp Marketing?
There are two major criteria for using BIK’s WhatsApp Marketing -
i. You need to have a Facebook Business Account.
ii. You need to have a fresh number, which has never been used for WhatsApp. Even if the number has a whatsapp account, we can still use it after WhatsApp account deletion.
What are the steps to start using BIK’s WhatsApp Marketing?
a. Create or link Business Manager account with BIK
b. Select a display name & create your WhatsApp business profile
c. Select or register a phone number
d. Verify the Phone Number
How do I send Broadcast messages with BIK’s WhatsApp Marketing?
Once you’ve onboarded with BIK’s WhatsApp Marketing, you can simply go to the ‘Broadcast’ section and click on the ‘New Broadcast' button. You’ll be redirected to a page where you can select your target audience and then a diverse list of templates will be curated for you. You can select any of these templates and hit send.
What are cohorts? Can I create a cohort on my own?
Cohorts are highly specific target groups of people. BIK understands the behaviour of your customers and helps you segment your database based on intent. You can find these segmented groups under 6 major cohorts. Yes, you can create a cohort by uploading customer details via excel. You’ll also be able to create a custom cohort based on your preference in the next version.
Can I send Broadcasts to people who haven’t saved my number?
Yes, you can send broadcasts to anyone who has WhatsApp. All you need is their contact details, which are usually fetched through your website itself.
What is Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation?
Using the Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation, you can send multiple reminders to the customers, one hour after adding a product to their cart but haven't made the purchase yet.
What is Store Chatbot Automation?
Store Chatbot will help your customers during their entire product discovery and purchase process. It handles simple and frequently asked queries from your customers, and never misses any message
What is the ‘Customers Tab’?
Customers Tab is where all your customer data is stored. Here you can keep a track of the number of customers you have the details of, how many broadcasts you have sent to them, the number of orders they have placed, the order value, and much more.
What kind of cohorts can I create with the help of the Customers Tab?
There are ‘n’ number of possibilities for creating cohorts with the data available in the Customers Tab via the upload excel functionality available at the cohort selection screen. For example, you can filter out the customers who have placed more than three orders in the past one month and segment them into a new cohort. Likewise, you can use this data wisely to create hundreds of different cohorts.
What kind of the Analytics functionality is available?
In the Analytics Tab you’ll get all the data about every campaign you run, number of messages sent and read, the number of clicks, orders, and sales generated, as well as the cost spent and the ROI.
How can I make best use of the Analytics dashboard?
You can make use of this data by analysing it and optimising your campaigns by experimenting with different cohorts, templates, times, and much more.