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Frequently Asked Questions

How can gamification benefit my e-commerce website?
Gamification can enhance user engagement, increase customer loyalty, and boost conversion rates by making the shopping experience more enjoyable and interactive.
Are there any prerequisites for using widgets?
For non-Shopify websites, it is necessary to inject a script tag. For lead gen widgets, a custom integration for managing rewards/coupons will be required (for which the brand should contact BIK’s support team)
Is gamification suitable for all types of e-commerce businesses?
Gamification can be adapted to various types of e-commerce businesses, but its effectiveness may vary. It's essential to align gamification strategies with your target audience and product offerings.
How does the widget handle different screen sizes and resolutions?
The widgets are designed to be responsive and should adjust to the correct size on mobile screens. However, it is recommended to test the widgets on various mobile devices to ensure proper functionality.
What platforms are supported?
The BIK chat widgets are compatible with all Shopify as well as non-Shopify websites. For non-Shopify stores, it is necessary that a script tag can be injected into the non-Shopify website. Lead generation widgets are readily compatible with Shopify websites, for non-shopify stores, pls contact us at support@bik.ai
Are there any known compatibility issues with certain browsers or operating systems?
BIK widgets commonly used web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.