Answer all Customer Queries in one Place
Build relationships with your customers by answering their queries from Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, and other social channels in one place.
Managing all social channels is easy with BIK’s Multichannel CRM
BIK Multichannel CRM allows you to assign chats, re-assign chats, pin chats, put tags, upsell, customize user access, & more!
BIK Multichannel CRM Features
Track your customer journey to service better at every interaction
Agent Management System
Give your customers a seamless, personalized experience while allowing multiple agents to manage the company’s fast-growing user base.
Intelligent & Intuitive Chat Interface
Tools to aid faster conversions with efficient operations which leads to an increase in ROI.
Customer Data Enrichment
For improved quality of responses & efficiency of agents it becomes vital to have more information about the customer whom they are interacting with.
Remove Merchant
Your company's store is readily available for an agent to access so that during conversations with customers, the agent can quickly showcase the products and convert potential customers.
Any conversation with a customer can be assigned multiple tags for better identification of the buyer.
Sales Conversions
Help agents create orders & create sales conversion on the chat interface itself.
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