Bik Campaigns Page
Convert Your Customers with Targeted WhatsApp Campaigns & Generate 5X higher Returns.
Get deep insights on how to target the right audience, on the right channel, with the right content, and at the right time to make your marketing plan even more fruitful.
WhatsApp Campaigns - Track it Even Better
Why WhatsApp Campaigns?
Increase the lifetime value of a customer, without much incremental customer acquisition cost (CAC).
Acquiring new customers, re-engaging, and retaining existing customers.
Creates a positive image of the brand with word-of-mouth marketing.
Interact with new buyers to increase brand credibility and complete the purchase.
Helps them get feedback from buyers to improve their products
BIK Campaigns Features
Pre-Approved & Appealing Templates
Create your own message templates and provide customers with ready-to-use message templates which can be sent to segments of customers.
Get the most valuable insights from the campaigns so that you can identify which campaign works and which does not to optimize your marketing spends regularly.
Smart segmentation as per customer behavior to target the right audience
Broadcast on Outcome-Based Segments
Segments will be segmented as customers who clicked, read, replied, & interacted.
Predefined Segments
Based on the customer's interaction with the store
Advanced Segments
Understand your customer's behavior more accurately to deliver what they are looking for
Through Excel upload
For enabling the users to send a broadcast to the custom list
Optimise for performance with in-depth data,trends & insights on all your campaigns