Intelligent chatbot that drives 70% higher conversions
Do you spend more than 10% of your business revenue on live agents? Cut down your expenditure with BIK Chatbot and personalise your experience with automation and transactional messages.
Get quick and efficient responses to user queries.
Access support anytime, day or night.
Multilingual Support for a global audience.
Gain valuable data and insights on user interactions.
Connect across platforms and channels effortlessly.
Personalization recommendations based on user preferences.
Why Choose BIK Chatbot - Our Solution
Increase Revenue at scale
Save your marketing expenditure and business cost by using a customised chatbot according to your business needs.
Provide Cost Effective Service
With BIK chatbots working for your Business, you do not have to pay live agents to work beyond hours and attend to your customer's queries anytime.
Assist you through Every Step
BIK chatbot assists a customer from their first query to completing their entire purchase on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other social channels.
Customise to all your Brand Needs
You can customise the BIK chatbot according to your business plan and tell your brand story in your words.
24x7 Support Services Available
BIK chatbots are available round the clock to attend to your customer's queries anytime and anywhere.
Scale Your Marketing Growth
You can scale your business without worrying about operations, as our chatbot ensures that all your requirements are completed with the flow.
BIK Chatbot Features Easy to Use, Easy to Reach
Flow Builder
BIK chatbot allows brands to create meaningful customer interactions with automation for a smooth journey.
Purchase on Multichannel Platform
Your customers would be able to browse products and complete their purchase journey on different social channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, and more.
High Quality Lead Qualification
Allows smart targeting based on the chat interactions and segment customers to convert them.
Abandoned Cart Recovery Sales
Nudge customers to purchase items in their cart and process an intelligent recovery of chats with discount codes and other offers.
BIK Chatbot provides Insights to marketing and growth teams to understand their customer's shopping behaviour and targets them based on their purchase history.