Decoding the D2C Ecosystem
Decoding the D2C Ecosystem
Pizza + Beer Networking Event
17th Sep ’22 | 4:00 - 7:30 PM IST
Decoding D2C Ecosystem
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Networking with Fellow Scholars
Snacks & Beer
About this Summit
D2C Brands are on the top of their marketing. As we know, different brands use different strategies to bring out the best results from their marketing efforts. And these strategies have to be refined and refreshed every once in a while.
At this point, we need expertise from our fellow geniuses such as Abha Maheshwari, Director and Head of Commerce at Meta, Dev Bathla, Chief Marketing Officer of Bathla, and Sonakshi Nathani, Co-founder and CEO at BIK to explore different approaches towards achieving our goals.
So here we are, with the 2nd edition of the Marketing Scholars’ Summit, where we will talk about ‘Decoding the D2C Ecosystem’. The event will be followed by a fun gamification round! We will together end the event on a high note with a networking session accompanied by pizzas and beer!
Marketing Scholars for the Event
Scholars Image
Dev Bathla
CMO, Bathla
Scholars Image
Smita Murarka
Duroflex, CMO
Scholars Image
Nirmal NR
Zoomcar CEO, Chief Guest Speaker
Scholars Image
Vipul Chaudhary
Marketing Lead, Frozen Bottle
Scholars Image
Sonakshi Nathani
Co-founder & CEO, BIK
Scholars Image
Sudeep Bansal
VP Growth, Wow Skin Science
With this Marketing Scholars' Summit, we expect to extract as much knowledge from our esteemed panelists as possible.
We will start with an inquisitive Fireside chat, where our panelists will answer questions about the past, present and future of D2C marketing with their experiences and anecdotes.
A fun and insightful Rapid Fire will be held to get some secret sauces from the panelists.
Yet another fun Q&A for the audience this time, where we can together discuss our idea of a D2C brand and the most relevant strategies.
A final gamification round for all the Marketing Scholars present, to ignite the plethora of knowledge we all have about the biggest genre of current times - eCommerce.
Snacks, Cocktails and Networking - the best place and way to make new professional friends, discuss ideas and the future of marketing.
Key Takeaways
A close understanding of the past, present and future of the D2C ecosystem
Explore the most relevant channels and techniques for D2C marketing
Give a push to your thoughts and ideas while being surrounded by some of the best marketing minds
Build a strong network of professionals from a D2C background
Some pizza and beer are always fun!
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