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Acquire, Engage, Convert, Repeat.
BIK is an all-in-one marketing platform that delivers better ROI
Everything that’s needed to convert
visitors into revenue
5x your Instagram & FB campaign acquisitions
We enable capturing customers even before they land on your website, thus increasing visitors by 60%
Direct them to highly targeted and personalised product pages increases purchase rate by 20%
We support Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp ad campaigns.
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10x your Revenue with personalisedNudges driving towards purchase
Personalised & gamified nudges to your customers.
Nudges on Website, Email, SMS, Instagram, and many more…
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Automate Interactions with customers across channels & increase funnel
Easy to use flow builders to quickly automate your conversations
Enable 2-way communications over Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Gmail, and Web push all at one click
Get product catalogue sharing and sentiment analysis at the customer level.
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Create Intelligent campaigns to deliver 137x ROI
Create smart segments based on events and activities
Leverage segments to retarget & broadcast via Whatsapp, SMS & Email
You guess it? We have it.
OnDemand Integrations are available.
You guess it? We have it. OnDemand Integrations are available.

Paid Ads scaleup

Conversion rate optimisation

Recover lost customers

Personalised Social Journey

Personalised Web Journey

How Recode reduced overall CAC and increased ROAS through Instagram ads
Check how Recode Studios has reduced CAC and increased its repeat purchase rate by 70%. Learn about all the challenges & smart strategies they framed to deliver the best results.
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BIK Features
Drive the highest ROI with targeted, personalised, and data-driven marketing on the most used social platforms
Superior Purchase Experience
Delivering the finest experience with humanized bot replies which enable conversion through conversations.
High-quality engagement
Facilitate conversations with lead generation tools, leading to higher engagement & conversions.
Green Tick Verification
Increase your brand's credibility by getting the green tick via direct business service provider.
Abandoned Cart Recovery sales
Nudge customers to purchase items in their cart & convert them with discount codes and other offers.
Smart Segmentation
Allows smart targeting based on the chat interaction and segments customers to convert them.
Personalised Customer experience
Create a personalised experience for your customers that is unique and relevant based on their individual interaction.
Customers Data is
Our First Priority
Messages per day per brand
ROI Attained with real-time insights with BIK
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