Driving Engagement, Loyalty & Conversions
Engage with your audience with exciting gamification widgets to increase the conversion rate up to 60%.
Why Gamification for your Brand?
Enhance Engagement by 70%
Improve your website's customer experience to attract more visitors and boost conversions.
40% Higher Conversions
Gamified experiences increase the likelihood of users completing actions like purchases or signups.
Improved customer loyalty
Rewarding users with points, badges, and incentives encourage repeat visits and higher customer loyalty.
Double the retention rate
A customer with superior engagement has a higher chance of coming back to you and boosting repeat purchases.
Build Quality Community
Your engaged audience is a loyal community of potential customers. Reconnect with them by offering attractive discounts.
Gamification Widgets
Spin the Wheel
The audience spin the wheel with the intention of earning offers and rewards such as price coupons or discount coupons which increase the chances of future sales.
Scratch Cards
Participants scratch square cards with the intention of winning exciting prizes.
Slot Machine
Let the players roll the slots and win exciting prizes in style using this ubiquitous luck game.
Solve the exciting puzzle to win massive discount coupons and offers.
Empower your Gamification Journey using Instagram
Customise Your Gamification Experience
Suggest your own gamification widget to BIK and engage with your audience in the most interesting way. Connect with our team now to make your widget live instantly!
Case Study
How BIK Contributes to 60% of Dr Trust's Monthly Revenue
Check how Dr Trust increases its revenue by 60% in a less span of time. Learn about all the challenges & smart strategies they framed to deliver the best results with their new gamification feature.
Gamification on Shoppers Stop's website drive 35% more traffic
Learn how Shoppers Stop increased its traffic by 35% with BIK's gamification feature. Check how they overcome their challenges with their new gamification feature and drive massive traffic.