Drive more Instagram interactions towards transactions
Engage instantly with every interaction from your followers and prospects and turn 50% of them into customers
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Power your customer journey with automation
Pre-built and customizable flows make it easy to engage with customers with instant responses for every action in their journey actions
User Action
New Follower DMs
Welcome your Customers
Comments on Post/Reel
Auto reply to all comments
Pricing Enquiry
Price Please Automation
Takes part in giveaways
Lead capturing on Instagram
Explore more products
Browse products on IG
Purchase Product
End-to-End Instagram Checkout
Post Purchase
End-to-End IG Payment Confirmation
Influencer Registration
Influencer Collab leads to G sheet
What you’ll achieve
More lead acquisition
 Turn customer interactions into opportunities
Engagement on Auto-pilot
Create personalized journeys that activate upon receiving a direct message (DM) on posts/ads, commenting on posts/reels/ads, reacting to content, and mentions in stories, ultimately guiding leads toward making purchases through direct messages.
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Collect leads
Qualify leads based on their intent and retarget high-intent leads with dedicated WhatsApp and Email campaigns.
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Automate responses with Chatbot
The chatbot has 80% of the queries/tickets from prospects. It responds to all the frequently asked questions while redirecting to a support agent whenever a complex question is asked. The automation also sends personalized answers based on unique customer data from Shopify and your other eCommerce apps.
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Measure automation’s business value
Monitor the step-by-step performance of your journeys within the Journey Builder. For a comprehensive overview, access performance analytics in the Analytics tab.
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Why BIK is the best Instagram marketing software for eCommerce?
Fastest Go Live
Dedicated Support for GSM
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Conversation marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram automation, and how does it work? ?
Instagram automation involves the use of chatbots and automated comments to engage with users on the platform. It helps businesses respond to inquiries and frequently asked questions (FAQs), and interact with customers 24/7. These automated processes contribute significantly to revenue generation for our clients.
Can Instagram automation help increase revenue for my brand? 
Yes, Instagram automation can significantly contribute to revenue growth by enabling quick responses to customer queries, providing instant solutions to FAQs, and maintaining constant engagement. Satisfied and well-informed customers are more likely to convert, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.
How can Instagram automation benefit my business? 
Instagram automation can benefit your business by providing instant responses to customer inquiries, ensuring 24/7 availability, and effectively addressing FAQs. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to revenue growth by improving customer engagement.
Is it possible to track the performance of Instagram automation efforts? 
Yes, you can track the performance of your Instagram automation efforts. Analytics and reporting tools are available to monitor key metrics, such as response times, engagement rates, and the impact on customer satisfaction. These insights can help you optimize your automation strategy for better results and increased revenue.
Is Instagram automation suitable for all types of businesses ?
Instagram automation can be beneficial for a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce, service providers, influencers, and more. It can be customized to cater to the specific needs of your business, streamlining customer interactions and helping you stay responsive to your audience.